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Anyone in the world

The shooting outraged many in Kansas City and across the country.

Civic and political leaders - including President Joe Biden - demanded justice. Some, including lawyers for Yarl, pressed the racial dimension of the case.

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National Rail has warned anyone making essential journeys once services resume to expect 'major disruption' to routes 'across most of Great Britain' - including cancellations, delays and slower speeds onboard.

NEW YORK (AP) - Two men were arrested Monday on charges that they helped establish a secret police station in New York City on behalf of the Chinese government, and about three dozen officers with China's national police force were charged with using social media to harass dissidents inside the United States, authorities said Monday.

This comes after the Met Office has issued an amber warning for wind which could cause a 'risk to life' in Northern Ireland until 7am, while a milder yellow wind warning covers England, Wales and south-western Scotland from midday until 1pm. 

envoy Volker Perthes told reporters. The two sides are using tanks, artillery and other heavy weapons in densely populated areas. Fighter jets swooped overhead and anti-aircraft fire lit up the skies as darkness fell.

Kyle's parents are still waiting for the results of a bone marrow test to determine what type of cancer he had but the two most common types in youngsters are acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

This is the moment the grieving Ukrainian parents of an 18-month-old boy rushed into hospital weeping over their son's dead body after the toddler was killed by Russian shelling - as Putin's invading forces spent another day shelling Ukrainian civilians yesterday killing at least eight.  

The check-ups examine if the child is meeting growth and developmental milestones for their age, their vision and hearing and overall health but does not typically involve blood tests, a spokesperson said.

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) - As explosions and gunfire thundered outside, Sudanese in the capital Khartoum and other cities huddled in their homes for a third day Monday, while the army and a powerful rival force battled in the streets for control of the country.

According to the PA Chapter of The American Academy of Pediatrics, there are national guidelines for well-child check-ups which they recommend occur every few months form birth to age three and then yearly until they turn 21.

He recalled how much his son loved Batman. 'He always wanted to fight the bad guys even as a kid,' he said.  'He wanted to stop all the bad evil in this world by putting all the criminals behind bars so people could live their best lives safely.'

It is so horrible when you hear the shell flying towards you and you have no idea where it will land - then you're so relieved it does not land on your building. They finally managed to flee on Tuesday after seeing another family escape the previous day in their car.

Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson said at a news conference that there was a "racial component" Thursday night when Andrew Lester twice shot 16-year-old Ralph Yarl, who is recovering at home after being released from the hospital.

The funding to be included in the mayor's upcoming budget could be used in part to buy hotels or motels that would be converted to housing, while the city combs through its inventory of properties for those that could be used for sheltering homeless people.

"As for the process in Ukraine, we are grateful to our Brazilian friends for their excellent understanding of this situation´s genesis. We are grateful (to them) for striving to contribute to finding ways to settle it," Lavrov said, sitting alongside his Brazilian counterpart, Mauro Vieira.

She was hungry but she could not forget the people left behind in the city that has come to symbolise the barbarity of Russia's assault on Ukraine, the families still trapped in basements and cellars under the horror of constant bombardment.

The Associated Press interviewed five girls in four states and agreed to publish only their first names because of the sensitive nature of the topics they discussed.

The teens offered sobering - and sometimes surprising - insight.